Nero V1 Round Coins, NOT Trackable on

100 Bronz, Numbered 1-100 (ALL GONE)

40 Silver, Numbered NS-1 to NS-40 (ALL GONE)

10 Gold, Numbered NG-1 to NG-10 (ALL GONE)

Nero V2 Shaped Coins, ARE Trackable on

100 Nickel

200 Black Nickel

100 Gold (Trade Only)

5 Copper (XLE Trade Only)

60 Antique Gold (Sets Only)

60 Antique Copper (Sets Only)

60 Antique Silver (Sets Only)

Nero's Top 40 (Geo 40) Geocoin

60 Coins were produced in Black Nickel. Oakcoins made them.

Other Signature Items.


Pathtag Production Art and Actual Tag pics above. They are Gold Toned.
Initial Run of pathtags is 150, and will be traded for other personal tags and left in caches.

These are what my Personal geocoin(s) look like.

They were produced by (when they existed), V1 Round coins are NOT Trackable on

Nero V2 are trackable.

Nickel and Black Nickel were Sold, Gold was Traded Only. produced the wooden tokens for me (unfortunately they are no more)

The Nero top 40 coin was a group project by Fluttershy & crazycavelover, I was one of the 40 people involved.

The pathtag was produced in Gold and was done in a single run of 150.